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Use your planet responsibly!

At 3monkeys print and design, LLC we believe that we are borrowing the Earth and that one should always return something in at least as good of condition as they received it.

With this philosophy in mind, we at 3monkeys, do our part to maintain a recycle/reuse/renew policy.
In order to do so we employ the following:

  1. We recycle our paper, plastic and metal recyclables.
  2. We store and use scrap leftovers. This includes coming up with marketable products for scrap material along with using them for small and/or personal projects.
  3. We reuse and/or recycle old sign and menu blanks. Let us know if you are interested in a sign made from old sign leftovers.
  4. We are an cellular-waste drop-off point. If you have used cell-phones orPDA’s (working or not) please drop them off. We will get your e-waste to the proper recycle/reuse facility and help prevent these heavy metals from getting dumped in our landfills, our oceans or getting sent to third world countries to be open pit burned. (The last of which is what happens to most discarded e-waste. Check out the following websites for more info on e-waste: http://www.heartland.org/policybot/results/19474/EWaste_Management_Presents_Challenges_Opportunities.html   or http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/11/06/60minutes/main4579229.shtml )
  5. We have no solvent-ink printers. Our in-house printers are pigment based ink and latex ink. Even eco-solvent is a solvent; we at 3monkeys opt to go with the much more environmentally sound pigment/latex inks.
  6. We offer recyclable and cotton alternatives for sign and banner substrates.
  7. We build most of our furniture ourselves this includes all of our work benchs. What furniture we did not build we acquired used.
  8. We keep our electrical usage low. We maintain the shop temperature based on what the machines require for optimum efficiency. We use natural, T5 and LED lighting. If you come to the shop and we "look closed" during business hours it is because all lighting is zoned and timed, so, if no one walkes through a part of the shop for a set time the lights in that area turn off. Thank you SRP and StoneKat Development for the opportunity to use the awesome technology. All our equipment goes into standby when not in use.

There are a lot of ways to conserve many of them can even save you money. Check out this article published in the
Phoenix Business Journal through SRP after Maranda attended a free workshop they offered.

Remember being “Green” should not be a fad.
Investing in the preservation of our planet and its ecosystem is a way of life.

Thank you,
3monkeys print & design staff

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