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3monkeys print & design your source for oversize printing, vinyl graphics & graphic design, located in Tempe, AZ - 480-247-9174
Oversize Printing - Signs, Banners, Photos, Poster, Canvas, Matte, Gloss
Stretched Canvas


Oversize Printing
also known as Large Format Printing is our Specialty!

We use Pigment Based Inks. These Inks are Long Lasting,
Color Accurate, UV Resistant and Solvent-Free!

Want it to
be seen?

What better way to
have something seen,
than to print it

HP windows fabric banner
HP Made our printer, Windows 7 is our print platform and Lensley, LLC designed & ordered this beautiful photo backdrop.

Do you have a photo or
digital image

that you want
printed large, for whatever reason?

We can scan your photo or enlarge your digital image for you!

Photos Are Printed To:
Photo Matte Paper
Photo Gloss Paper
Cotton Canvas

Larg Photo Prints on PVC
George Loves Sofa-Size Photos, Printed to PVC, with a Gallery Wrap and Stand-Off Frame!

Standard Oversize
Print Stocks Are:

Photo Matte
Photo Gloss
Vinyl Scrim Banner
Sticky-Back Vinyl
Poly-Fabric Flag
Studio Canvas
Watercolor Paper

Ask about our specialty stocks

Posters, Banners and Ads
Matte Photo, Canvas, Sticky-back Vinyl, Presentation Bond, Poly-Flag Banner

Don't forget to think of us if you are going to a Trade Show, Exposé or Presentation Event.

We offer everything from banners and roll-aways
to table covers and
pop-up walls.


Show off your company, promote your cause and
display your pride.

We are here to help!

Roll-Away Banner Stands by 3monkeys print & design
Big, Beautiful, Retractable, Easy - Roll-Away Banner Stands - A staple of any trade-show.

Let us help you balance between cost and impact.

We have many solutions, so that we can make you look as good as possible within budget.

Don't forget to plan ahead!
We can help you design your look but, design requires time; for creativity and the proof process.

We aren't happy until
you are happy!

Printed Trade-show table covers
These satin-style printed table covers are attractive, impactful and machine washable.

We print on many different materials and love to innovate new ways to tackle your
printing needs.

If you don't see
something you are
looking for here, please,
call 480.247.9174 and talk
to us about what you are trying to accomplish.

We are now five years old and growing. Watch us continue to add offerings to our lineup.

Giant Fabric Banner
This 9 by 16 foot "Good Morning America" banner was printed on our high strength flag material.
We printed the entire banner in 3'x9' strips and then hemmed them together for maximum strength.
The banner then went to the fall sky diving convention and was pulled in tow by skydivers
jumping out of an airplane.

The first thing

ever did was
print on canvas

Yes, even before we used paper!

Our heavy cotton canvas can be used for; banners, posters, art reproductions and of course giclees.

Most of our canvas prints are sold stretched over a pine frame, but we also
sell prints ready for
artists who like to
stretch their own work.

A Large Stretched Canvas Print.
This Large Stretched Canvas Print was one of our first that was over 10 square feet.
They have gotten a lot bigger since then.

PVC Prints Are Beautiful, Durable and Inexpensive

They can be printed
face-only or
gallery wrapped.

Face-only prints can have rounded corners and grommets for hanging, giving them a unique
look and feel.

They can also be washed with window cleaner if
they get dirty. - Cool!

PVC Prints are the latest addition to the 3monkeys offering.
The frame on this gallery wrapped PVC print is attached with Velcro® so that it may be removed and painted to match the wall its hung on.

Want to sell something?

Then you want it to be seen.

What better way to
get something seen,
than to print it

Large attractive ads are all around us - because they work. With this flexible format you can put a goodly amount of information in front of a large audience.

We pride ourselves in high-quality, well-designed, oversize advertisement.

Oversize Printing is our original passion at
3monkeys print & design,
and it shows!

Canvas Banner Print

Store display

Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics came to 3monkeys print & design looking to
create an oversize ad to go into a local
Whole Foods Market.
So in keeping with the 'natural' image of both companies we provided a 3-foot by 6-foot,
double-sided, canvas print, with hand-sewn
cuffs to feed 2 pine dowels through, for hanging.
The end result has a clean, natural look and feel that is very pleasing to the targeted
eco-aware customer.

Thank You For Your Time!

We Look forward to working with you in the future.

Green Rating for Solvent Inks.


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Oversize Printer

stretched canvas prints by 3monkeys print & design



This is the

Canvas Prints enrich any room decorLarge Streched Canvases are Stunning GiftsDisplay one large photo or many smallers ones on your stretched canvas prit

Stretched Canvas Prints are Reprints of Your Photos or Original Art on Canvas That Is Stretched Over An Internal Frame.

Canvas is printed then stretched

We make your frame to fit your photo. This way you don't have to worry about cropping your photo.
Sizes start at 3 Square Feet and go up to 18 Square feet.
We prefer to work from your Digital Camera File but we can also work from Printed Photographs.

Just Supply Your Image
We include everything:

• Photo Enlargement
• Color Adjustment
• Red-Eye Reduction
• Rip & Printing
• Custom Stretcher Bars
• Stretching

This means you only have 3 easy steps - Submit your photo, Pay, Pickup your Stretched Canvas Print

Stretch Canvas Prints are the nicest way to display your; Print Ads, Family Moments, Art Shots, Vacation Photos & more.
Stretch Canvas Prints are the nicest way to display your; Print Ads, Family Moments, Art Shots, Vacation Photos & more.

Vacation Photos Family Portraits Art Re-Prints Art Photography Print Ads Wedding Photos Memorial Photos

3monkeys Canvas Prints come in all shapes and sizes
Our Stretched Canvas Prints Are Vivid and Stunning
Printed Your Way Canvas Prints Enhance Any Home or Office
Decor or Gift Canvas Prints Improve Any Room
Stretched Canvas Prints are large as life
Stretched Canvas Prints - Green, Durable, Beautiful

3monkeys Stretched Canvas Prints
Are a Green Product!

NO solvents on renewable-crop substrates

We print on cotton canvas, make our own stretcher bars from farmed pine,
printed with solvent-free pigment based inks.

What this means is that you get an amazing, long-lasting product!

3monkeys printed canvas is a green product
Stretched Canvas - Inspirationals
3monkeys print & design your source for oversize printing, vinyl graphics & graphic design, located in Tempe, AZ - 480-247-9174
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